Why Ravana wanted to have Saturn in 11th house of his son Meghanatha's birth chart? is there any specifc reason for that?

  • All planets in 1 non-Kendra house is beneficial for Asuras and Rakshasas as it forms Gola Yoga and Danda Yoga in Meghanatha's horoscope. Ravana wanted it all in 11th house of gains because he wanted a powerful mindless obedient son. jyotishvidya.com/ch35.htm . Best horoscopes have planets distributed across 4-5 houses with Panchmahapurusha and other benefic yogas and Sun and Moon in Kendra houses and birth around Ashtmi or Navmi like of Rama's, Krishna's horoscope. – user16530 Nov 27 '19 at 15:05

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