Are there any Sources (Books/Websites/Apps) with Authentic Mantras, Original form of Mantras, Meaning of Mantras and how to pronounce/practice it.

These days, there are Mantras for everything; so many online gurus popping up and giving Mantras by randomly mixing various Sanskrit words. So I got little skeptical and started to believe in Mantras from Vedas only.

Should I trust all Mantras or old Mantras written in Vedas only?


Based on the following statement of the OP, I am providing answer.

So I got little skeptic and started to believe in Mantras from Vedas only.

If you are looking for Video of recitation of mantras from Rig Veda, the following is the link for hearing them.


  1. You can select Mandala first, so that the site will take you to appropriate Mandala.

  2. Then you can select the Hymn number within the Mandala.

In respect of other Vedas, click on SAMHITAS button, on the top , which will navigate to appropriate Veda.

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