Shvetashvatara Upanishad 11th verse of 1st chapter:

jñātvā devaṃ sarvapāśāpahāniḥ kṣīṇaiḥ kleśairjanmamṛtyuprahāṇiḥ ।
tasyābhidhyānāttṛtīyaṃ dehabhede viśvaiśvaryaṃ kevala āptakāmaḥ ॥ 11॥

I-11: With the knowledge of God, all fetters fall off. With the waning of ignorance, birth and death cease. Going beyond the consciousness of the body by meditating on Him, one reaches the third state, viz., the universal lordship. All his desires are satisfied, and he becomes one without a second.

It is mentioned that one reaches the third state and after then one attains Brahman. I want to know what is third state, more precisely what is meant by third state here and then consequently which three states are.


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