Rig veda VII.91.7 says :

अर्व॑न्तो॒ न श्रव॑सो॒ भिक्ष॑माणा इन्द्रवा॒यू सु॑ष्टु॒तिभि॒र्वसि॑ष्ठाः । वा॒ज॒यन्त॒: स्वव॑से हुवेम यू॒यं पा॑त स्व॒स्तिभि॒: सदा॑ नः ॥७॥

We, VASISHTHAS, (bearing oblations) like horses (bearing burthens), soliciting food, desiring strength, invoke with praises INDRA and VAYU for (our) sure defence: do you ever cherish us with blessings.

Original mantra and Translation of mantra is missing in Ralph T.H. Griffith's version. Hence, I took mantra from here and H.H. Wilson's version of translation.

The rishi is Vasistha.

My question is why the poet stated in the mantra Vasishthas (plural form), instead of singular form?

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