I want to know about her tough penance. What did her routine during that period ? How she had worshipped Lord Shiva as per Shiva Purana? Did Lord Shiva had appeared as a brahmin & insulted himself in front of parvati? Overall what was the scenario? Please tell me ( if possible, then please provide shlokas in Devanagari from Shiva Purana).

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According to Shiva Purana,

1) Parvati performed rigorous penance. The full narrative can be found from Sl.no.29 to 60 of Chapter 22 - Description of Pārvatī’s penance in Shiva Purana.

2) Shiva did appear as brahmin and tried to dissuade Parvati by narrating himself in a negative manner. The full narrative can be found from Sl.nO.12 to 38 of Chapter 27 - Description of the fraudulent words of the Brahmacārin of Shiva Purana.

3) The overall scenario after Shiva's consenting to marry Parvati was happy.

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