Rig Veda II.10.6 says

जञेया भागं सहसानो वरेण तवादूतासो मनुवद वदेम | अनूनमग्निं जुह्वा वचस्या मधुप्र्चं धनसाजोहवीमि ||

jñeyā bhāghaṃ sahasāno vareṇa tvādūtāso manuvad vadema | anūnamaghniṃ juhvā vacasyā madhupṛcaṃ dhanasājohavīmi ||

By choice victorious, recognize thy portion: with thee for envoy may we speak like Manu. Obtaining wealth, I call on perfect Agni who with an eloquent tongue dispenses sweetness.

A reference to Manu was made in the above Rig Vedic mantra. It talks about Manu praising AGNI.

Rig Veda II.20.7 says

sa vṛtrahendraḥ kṛṣṇayonīḥ purandaro dāsīrairayad vi | ajanayan manave kṣāmapaśca satrā śaṃsaṃ yajamānasya tūtot ||

Indra the Vṛtra-slayer, Fort-destroyer, scattered the Dāsa hosts who dwelt in darkness. For Manu hath he created earth and waters, and ever helped the prayer of him who worships.

This Mantra says Indra created Earth and waters for Manu.

However, it is not clear whether the Manu being referred to in these mantras, was the same Manu, who was eulogised to be the first man (progenitor of humanity) on the Earth or someone else.

Can someone clarify?

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  • @Paṇḍyā: Yajur veda may contain such references. My question is whether he is the same Manu> Commented Dec 13, 2019 at 2:15

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Rig Veda III.5.3 says

adhāyyaghnirmānuṣīṣu vikṣvapāṃ gharbho mitra ṛtena sādhan | ā haryato yajataḥ sānvasthādabhūdu vipro havyomatīnām ||

Translation of H.H. Wilson (p.203) is as follows:

AGNI. the embryo of the waters. the friend of the pious. accomplishing (all desires) with Truth. has been placed (by the gods) amongst men. the descendants of Manu: desirable and adorable. he has taken his station on high. where the wise AGNI is to receive the oblations of the devout.

We have to observe the phrase in bold form - amongst men. the descendants of Manu.

So Rig Veda II.10.6, mentioned in the question, was talking only about Manu, the first Man.

However, contrary to Puranas, it was Indra, who created Earth and waters for Manu.

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