Rig Veda III.9.9 says

trīṇi śatā trī sahasrāṇyaghniṃ triṃśacca devā navacāsaparyan | aukṣan ghṛtairastṛṇan barhirasmā ādid dhotāraṃ nyasādayanta ||

Three times a hundred Gods and thrice a thousand, and three times ten and nine have worshipped Agni, For him spread sacred grass, with oil bedewed him, and stablished him as Priest and Sacrificer.

This mantra was composed by Sage Viswamitra and dedicated to AGNI.

In this mantra, the sage mentions about 3,339 Gods, who worshipped AGNI.

Do the 3,339 Gods mentioned in the mantra indicate that many number of Sages, before him, who got WISDOM/BLISS/SELF REALISATION?

Edit 20-12-19

The another question and answers thereunder do not answer my question.


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