Scripture reference for these numbers

What is its science, Is chanting 10 times less effective than chanting 9 times..

Should mantra/japa to be chanted number of time (say 3) in one sitting?

Which is more effective..

Chanting in one sitting or chanting with time gaps in between chants..but keeping counts..

lets take number 3..

Which is more effective

a) Chanting Mantra Daily Once For 3 Days.. so chanted 3 times; days taken 3

b) Chanting Mantra 3 times in Single Day with time gaps..like 1hr/2hr etc gap in between chant.. so chanted 3 times; days taken 1

c) Chanting Mantra 3 times in one sitting.. no time gaps between consecutive chants

It is said that number needs to be quadrapled in kaliyuga.. Is it True?

Can someone list permissible numbers in Ascending Order.



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