Are lord Ganesh , lord subramanya Swamy and lord Ayyappa are gods are demigods according to bhagavad gita

  • Gita does not mention all of them by name. It does mention Skanda (subramanya) as sena pati of devas, so yes he would be a devata (demigod). – ram Jan 10 at 9:05
  • The definition of demi God is having lesser divine status. It is Puranic concept. In BG, Ganapati and Ayyappa were not mentioned. Shiva, Vishnu, Skanda were mentioned as the greatest among respective groups.(10th chapter) – Srimannarayana K V Jan 10 at 9:29
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    Gita does not address your question. – Swami Vishwananda Jan 10 at 10:05

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