Are there any references to judgement day in Hinduism? Judgement Day, as per Abrahmanic religion refer to the day when the earth is destroyed. Everyone will be resurrected to be judged about what they did on earth.

Is there anything like this in Hindu scripture?

  • No, there is no judgement day in Hindu scripture. – Ikshvaku Jan 14 at 15:04
  • not a question on Hinduism. – Swami Vishwananda Jan 15 at 5:30
  • No there is nothing alike in Hinduism but there is something similar. The Kalki avatar will bring about the start of a new yuga. – Wikash_ Jan 15 at 17:17
  • A simple yes/no answer would have suffice. Why close the question? – Lokesh Feb 2 at 9:02
  • Do you want to be Judged ? Propagate that question to all up the chain and down the chain. Expand it to all living things, self-aware entities, non-things, earth, Sun, Sky etc., pose the question to the Supreme Being. Pose the question to Parabrahman. Whomsoever answers decides the judgement for that being and entities under him or HIM as the case may be...and the day that happens becomes the Judgement Day. Yes such a concept exists in Hinduism. And the result depends on the Judgement :-). Bad verdict for earth for e.g. results in Pralaya or Destruction. – Gopal Anantharaman Feb 7 at 0:56

There is no concept of judgment day in Hindu scriptures. Jeeva or individual soul goes through the process of repeated births and deaths till it attains liberation or moksha.

Refer What is the life cycle of a soul (atma) in Hinduism?

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