Sage Vashistha created this beautiful stotram in praise of lord Shiva. You can read it in Sanskrit on this website https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_shiva/daaridryadahan.html?lang=sa

And, the stotra translated into English can be read from here.

I would like to know in what condition or situation sage Vashistha wrote this?

For e.g when Ravana created Shiva tandava stotram, he was praising Shiva for mercy as he was being crushed under Kailasha. Similarly, is there any background about this stotram?

  • Sage Vasistha belongs to Rig Vedic era (Mandala 7). At that point of time, Shiva that we know, husband of Uma, holder of Thrishula, one who resides in Kailasa,etc, did not emerge . Rig Vedic Rudra is one of the epithets like Vishnu or Indra, etc, of Almighty. Someone at a later date might have composed it in the name of sage Vasistha . Commented Feb 14, 2020 at 15:36
  • Is Sage Vashistha of Rig Vedic era is different from Sage Vashistha from Ramayana? During the time of Ramayan, people knew about the Shiva (holder of Trishula who resides in kailasha) right? @srimannarayanakv thanks
    – Ketan
    Commented Feb 14, 2020 at 18:22
  • No. Ramayana was composed in the post Vedic period and especially when Yajurveda was given the importance. The physical Yagna had been propagated in Yajurveda, whereas in Rig Veda it is mind related. Sri Rama was described as an expert in Yajurveda - yajurveda vinItasya (sundara Kanda) @Ketan Commented Feb 15, 2020 at 0:55
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    The following sloka was mentioned in 2 of the answers - कैलासशिखरे रम्ये शंकरस्य शुभे गृहे । देवतास्तत्र मोदन्ति तन्मे मनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु ।।. I don't think that it is from Rig veda. Let someone else clarify this. It might be from later day literature @Ketan Commented Feb 15, 2020 at 21:34
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    Very difficult to say, as I am not an expert in the Veda. I had expressed my views to the best of my knowledge. Anyways, the translation of H. H. Wilson is better than the one of Griffiths. It doesn't mean to say translation of H. H. Wilson is the best. Ask any expert in the veda in your area, as the Veda is so cryptic, it is almost impossible to ordinary people to decode it. Only sages like Sri Ramana Maharishi can decode it. Commented Feb 15, 2020 at 21:41


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