The widely held belief is that it was Parashurama who gave sudarshana chakra to Lord Krishna. However as seen in this answer it was not the case. So my question is did the two ever meet given that they were contemporaries at time of Mahabharata ?

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Yes, they did meet. As per Bhagwat Yana Parva - Udyoga Parva, Lord Krishna was on his way to Hastinapur to attempt reconciliation between Kauravas and Pandavas. On his way,

Kesava of mighty arms met with some Rishis blazing with Brahmic lustre, standing on both sides of the road, And soon alighting from his car, Janardana saluted them reverently. And worshipping them duly, he enquired of them

In response to Lord Krishna's enquiry,

Jamadagni's son, the friend of Brahma--that lord of both gods and Asuras,--approached Govinda the slayer of Madhu, embraced him.

Furthermore Parashurama also stated that he desires to watch Krishna address kshatriyas, and will again meet him at the Hastinapur conclave.

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