Are there any Mantra, Stotra; requesting GOD to guard us against our enemies.. Protect us from internal enemies like Shadripu and External enemies..

  • I have come across these two Nirvana Shatakam and Atharva Veda 8.4.22 which might help with internal enemies Shadripu and Aditya Hridayam.. – HinduKid Feb 26 at 13:17
  • Im mostly looking for protection against internal enemies, enemies of mind.. – HinduKid Feb 26 at 13:38
  • Shathru Samhara , << is this a mantra, are there any mantra of Lord Subramanya for help against enemies.. – HinduKid Mar 1 at 11:27

You can recite / read / listen Durga Kavach, This is a prayer to the Divine Mother for ultimate protection from all enemies, ghosts, complete body, fire, etc.

This is my personal favourite sung by Gundecha Brothers

Video :


Lyrics : https://www.voidcan.org/durga-kavach/

You can also listen to the world famous Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan in that there are stanzas which provides protection. Bajrang Baan is very powerful in this there is a promise been given to Hanumanji of Lord Ram to serve the purpose.

From Bajrang Baan :

जय जय जय धुनि होत अकासा सुमिरत होय दुसह दु:ख नाशा

चरन पकरी कर जोरि मनावौं यहि अवसर अब केहि गोहरावहौं

उठ उठ चलु तोहि राम दुहाई पाय परौं कर जोरि मनाई

ॐ चं चं चं चं चपल चलंता ॐ हनु हनु हनु हन हनुु हनुमंता

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