Many Hindu Blogs and videos claim that the Dwarka which is discovered by National Institute of Oceanography scientist S.R Rao is related to Lord Krishna. Many people are giving fake information on social media. But the dates given by Archeologist are parallel to that of the Mahabharata and Hindu scriptures. As per the survey of National Institute of Oceanography Dwarka sunk underwater around 3500 years ago (1500BC). The image is taken from the PDF of the survey given on their official site I quoted above. enter image description here

Another research paper Journal of Marine Archeology Vol 5-6 (1995-1996) page 64 gives the date of 1700-1600 BC. enter image description here

Another report published in Times of India says that Dwarka sunked 9000 years ago.

The city was also extremely well planned: divided into six sectors which were in turn divided into residential, commercial areas. The city was home to beautiful large roads, gardens and artificial lakes. It is said that it was submerged in the big flood 9,000 years ago.

Now as per the Mausal Parva Dwarka sunked years after the Kurukshetra war and strating of kaliyug which should be around 3000bc or 5000 years ago. can anyone give any scientific proof which could prove that the discovered city related to Lord Krishna?

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