As seen in the answer here , Karna had Vijaya bow. Karna had obtained it from Parashurama, who in turn had obtained it from Indra.

But it seems that Rukmi (brother of Rukmini) too had Vijaya bow that belonged to Indra. Udyog Parva mentions that he was a friend of Indra and had obtained it from his preceptor Drona. Don't think it was the Kuru guru Drona as the former is mentioned somewhat differently

And Rukmi was a disciple of that lion among the Kimpurushas who was known by the name of Drona, having his abode on the mountains of Gandhamadana

It is stated

And that mighty-armed warrior had obtained also the bow named Vijaya of celestial workmanship, belonging to the great Indra, and which was equal to Gandiva in energy and to also Sarnga (held by Krishna).

And he had this bow with him when he came to offer his services to Pandavas

And Rukmi having obtained the bow called Vijaya whose twang resembled the roar of the clouds came to the Pandavas

Now Karna and Rukmi had fought when Karna had gone on his digvijay yatra in which Karna seems to have gotten the better of Rukmi

Then going to the south, Karna vanquished the mighty charioteers (of that quarter) and in Dakshinatya, the Suta's son entered into conflict with Rukmi. After having fought dreadfully, Rukmi spake to the Suta's son saying, 'O foremost of monarchs, I have been pleased with thy might and prowess. I shall not do thee wrong: I have only fulfilled the vow of a Kshatriya. Gladly will I give thee as many gold coins as thou desirest.'

But there is no mention of either of the Vijaya bows in this encounter. Besides Rukmi approaching Pandavas was after the encounter with Karna

So question is if there are other references to two Vijaya bows belonging to Indra? If there is only one bow then who was holding it and at what point in time during Mahabharata.


Vijay bow of Rukmi was different and less powerful than that of Karna. It was an ordinary bow broken by Lord Krishna before before Kurukshetra war .

Seeing the speed of his hands, keshava became angry. Shooting a bunch of arrows, he cut down rukmi's bow.

  • Can it be a different bow ? I don't think if such bows are broken then they get repaired. Even Lord Shiva's bow that Sri Rama lifted was a broken bow. Mar 8 '20 at 8:50
  • @Carmensandiego they can't be repaired. Even the bow broken by Lord Rama was not repaired. Mar 8 '20 at 9:46
  • Right. So my question is if Rukmi spoke of Vijaya bow when he came to Pandavas, then the bow which Sri Krishna broke must have been a different one Mar 8 '20 at 10:27

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