In order to complete any prayer or sadhana, it is said to repeat any mantra for at least 108 times ? What is the significance and importance of that ?


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1.There are 9 planets in the solar system and 12 zodiac sign which are moving on 9 planets. So 9 X 12=108.This is simple says that one should chant no 108 for respecting the solar system .

2.In Sanatan Dharma there are 27 stars and each star has four Pada or Padas. So 27 X 4=108.So 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga.

3.Diameter of the Sun is 864327 miles and the Diameter of the moon is 2159 miles. If you multiply the diameter of Sun and Moon with 108 then you will find the distance of Sun and moon from the earth.

4.The number 108 represent the ultimate reality of the universes. The number 1 denotes that one thing and 0 denotes that nothing and 8 denotes everything or infinity.

5.There are 54 letters in Sanskrit alphabet.Each has masculine and feminine,Shiva is the masculine and Sakti is the feminine. So it 54 X 2=108.In some other arguments that Atman of human beings goes through 108 stages on its journey. There are 108 upanishads for which it is beneficial to chant 108 times

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