Karna was elder brother of Pandavas. As per the ancient Indian monarchial system, eldest son has a right over throne of his father. Vrishketu was the only son of Karna survived after Mahabharat war and real owner of throne. So why he didn't get the throne?

  • @YDS I am not asking about DURYODHAN. Commented Mar 12, 2020 at 8:51
  • your main point is "As per the ancient Indian monarchial system, eldest son has a right over throne of his father" which is answered in this post..
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  • @YDS - But there is no way Karna was ineligible when you have Sri Krishna offering him the kingdom Commented Mar 12, 2020 at 11:24
  • but Karna died...now among Vrishketu and Yudhisthira, i think Yudhisthira would be more eligible as he had been Samrat already...
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First by defintion, Karna was a Kanina and could be made king

Manusmriti 9.172 says

pitṛveśmani kanyā tu yaṃ putraṃ janayed rahaḥ | taṃ kānīnaṃ vadennāmnā voḍhuḥ kanyāsamudbhavam || 172 ||

If a maiden secretly bears a son in her father’s house, that son, born of a maiden, should be declared as ‘maiden-born’ by name, and to belong to the man who marries her.—(172)

Lord Krishna, in Udyoga Parva, says the following to Karna

It is said by those conversant with the scriptures that the two kinds of sons called Kanina and Sahoda that are born of a maiden, have him for their father who weddeth the maid. Thou, O Karna, hast been born in this way. Thou art, therefore, morally the son of Pandu. Come, be a king, according to the injunction of the scriptures

So there is no doubt that Karna and his descendants were eligible.

Now why wasn't Vrishaketu made the King ? That is because there was no such person in Mahabharata.

The only reference of Vrishaketu was found here in KMG Mahabharata

That large force of the Easterners looking like the fleecy clouds of autumn 3 was (besides) protected by the chief of the Angas (Karna's son Vrishaketu) and Kripa endued with great energy.

But this seems to translation error. The sanskrit verse (see number 28) only says "chief of Angas" - who was Vrishasena (son of Karna), who died in the war

tad aṅgapatinā guptaṃ kṛpeṇa ca mahātmanā śāradābhracaya prakhyaṃ prācyānām abhavad balam

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