Can anyone share the complete meaning of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama? I have come across word to word translations, but need a proper explanation.

  • Proper explanation is a tricky phrase. An explanation given by one translator, may not be appealing to everyone. Then your question will become opinion based, and is liable to be closed. – Srimannarayana K V Mar 13 at 5:26
  • You can buy Sowbhagya Bhaskara if possible. I think u need to read commentary and u'll get that in the book. – Rickross Mar 14 at 6:47

There are a few commentaries available for Sri Lalitha Sahasranama, and Bhaskararaya's commentary has been published in English, translated by Sri Anantakrishna Sastri. This is a full commentary and not just word by word meaning.This is what I recommend.

You can order it online if you like. Search for "Bhaskararaya" and "Lalitha Sahasranama" and "Anantakrishna Sastry" to find a printed copy of the book. Originally published by Adyar libraries.

Here is an archives resource - click on this text. Note that this is his original commentary in Sanskrit

Here is the one published by Sri Ramakrishna Matam

Here is a more modern work by another author available on Amazon

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This website has meanings in English. Does that help?


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