I want to know that how many times in a day we can eat when we are doing Navratri fast? Some are saying that we can have sattvik any number of times and some are saying two times. Please help me with correct method.


Basically during navratri festival you need to stay away from anaaj or grains and sea salt. So you can eat fruits, milk, ghee, dry fruits, flour made of dried fruits can be used to make dishes, sabudana etc.

As far as number of times you can eat during a navratri depends on your routine. I remember my father used to fast 9 days and he used to eat 1. After puja in morning, 2. During lunch 3. At dinnertime. In between he had water and milk as required.

The goal it not to hurt yourself but to detoxify. And being hydrated was an important part of that.

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