I want to know are there books that try to analyze Brahmasutra from an independent ,non-sectarian perspective or from Western perspective while also specifying views of major Vedantic schools. I know one such book is " The Structure and Meaning of Badarayana's Brahma Sutras: A Translation and Analysis of Adhyaya 1 (English and Sanskrit Edition) " by G.C Adams, but it's only for Adhyay one,is there something like this for entire Brahmasutra?

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George Thibaut who translated the Brahmasutra Bhashyas of both Sankara and Ramanuja performed a comparative analysis of every adhikaraNa that you can read in his introduction to the translation of the Sankara Brahmasutra Bhashya.

One of the unexpected observations Thibaut made was that among the two, Ramanuja's commentary was closer to that of Badarayana whereas Sankara's commentary was closer to that of the Upanishads!

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