The Taittiriya Maha Narayana Upanisad is available in two forms (called by different names - long form, short form, Andra paatam etc). One of the versions / recensions contains Gayatri mantras for many deities including Sri Nandikeshvara.

The mantra is as follows -

Om tatpurushAya vidmahE
chakratuNDAya DHeemaHI
tannO nandi prachOdayAt

My question is, does any one know the context / story / philosophical interpretation behind the expression chakratuNDAya ? Does it mean Nandikeshvara held the chakra tight / pressed (in HIS hands or mouth)? Which chakra / discus does the mantra refer to? What does it really mean, and what is the context? Any additional references in this regard would be helpful.

For additional reference & those interested - The Linga Purana gives a different gAyatri mantra as follows. But my question is about the mantra that appears in the Taittiriya MahA NArAyana Upanisad.

OM harivaktrAya vidmahE
rudra vaktrAya DHeemaHI
tannO nandi prachOdayAt

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