I have seen many Sadhu who grow their hair and never cut them, while there are some Pandits who shave their hair and just have a small pony tail. Both of them are devotees of God but have opposite traits for their hairs.

Adding more on this, Hindus have a custom/belief/superstition until 'Mundan ceremony' is done, people avoid making a child pass under the shade of a tree as his hairs have not been shaved and they are prone to catching spirits. Also, in jainism (which is a near hinduism religion) there are stories of people plucking all their hairs and attain Dikhsha for Sanyaas. In Hinduism, people shave their hairs when their parents die. People also get hairs shaved in some famous temples like Tirupati Balaji, Mata Chintpurani, etc. There is also a strong belief that while praying or doing something hawan, etc, we tend to cover our hairs.

I want to know if there is a reason/belief for growing or cutting of hairs?

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    Logical Point : Sadhu lives on remote places like forest or himalaya so it is hard to find barber for them, while pandits lives among the normal people and also earns the daxina. One more thing pundits also keeps long chotli rather than full cutting of hair. – Kedarnath Dec 3 '14 at 10:33
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    @Kedarnath, Haha..are you serious. Talking about today Sadhus and babas, lives in cities too and since there are now residential places on mountain regions also, so they can have barbers too in those places. Moreover, Sadhus wander places so they should find some place which has barber. Also, regarding Pandits, not every Pandit works for Dakshina, there were and are some pandits who are working something else but still are pandit. – Aby Dec 3 '14 at 11:21
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    The "hair" itself is a mystery, even for science. No one has an answer for why it, grows at all. Why its most dense on head and in pubic region? Why it keep growing after death (including nails). I think it must closely be related with the flow of Prana, and thus Tantra. Which is a long lost Science. No one here is worthy enough to "really" answer this ques of yours on this site. Its hilarious to see people are still trying. :) – Hindu Dec 3 '14 at 12:02
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    @LieRyan, We DON'T need explicit "protection" from sun. You are just trying to make a trivial function of it, as the whole reason of its existence. Same thing you are doing for armpit, and pubic hairs. Kids don't have them, but still are more physically active than most adults. Sorry bt FALSE reasoning! And Darwin's theory is not just false but stupid. Life is not a product of Probability. You may be right on the growth of Hairs/Nails after death. Thanks. – Hindu Dec 3 '14 at 15:28
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    @Hindu: It isn't about scientific thinking, that evolution has inertia is well established, it normally do not add or shed features without evolutionary pressures. Calling a fact false and stupid doesn't make it false nor stupid. Also, noone is talking about Darwin's theory; I agree lots what he said was stupid, evolution science has moved a lot since Darwin's time. Human have, roughly the same amount of hairs You are just playing word games. The amount of hair follicle is roughly the same, yes, but the length of modern human body hair is so short that they're practically non-existent. – Lie Ryan Dec 4 '14 at 16:06

It's all custom. Sometimes its the sannyas lineage, sometimes its what your guru did, and sometimes just personal choice. I know some that grow their hair for sometime and then shave it after so much time just to grow it again. The real point is not to take care of the body too much, not spend time and effort taking care of the body which is impermanent and always changing.


It has nothing to do with devotion. The reason is spiritual and I doubt if the reason is explicitly given in the standard scriptures. Nevertheless, let me share something I know.

Sadhus grow hair and it is known as jata (it's the local term here). This helps them to communicate with spirits and other invisible beings and acts like an antenna. And pundits keep a small tail like hair known as chula which is said to be necessary so that shradha and offerings made by them can be received by the pitaras (manes or ancestors).

I know this may sound illogical to us, but many spiritual things are like this and not openly present in the scriptures. So I am sorry I cannot provide any source, I just answered for the sake of sharing. You can verify its truthfulness if you would like by asking it to a sadhu.


Sadhus are Sanyasis, they are the person who want the things which needs to be alive like water,air and food thats it, they dont think about people, family, property, social life. In the same way they don't fulfill their personal requirements also. So they don't cut hairs, nails and don't bother also. Their goal is to attain Moksh by meditation and worship of lord shiva, so they becomes Vairagi, a person who have left everything related to the world's luxurious life.

Pandit are those who has learned proper Sanskrit chanting, Vedas, Purans, Hindu rituals. They are well educated persons, teachers, masters in Sanskrit Language. Pandits are knowledgeable person, they teach people and do prayers at their home as well as other's home also. They believes to be neat, clean and pure. They do worship of god but they have not left anything to be a Vairagi. So they cut hairs, nails as like everyone do.


Let me tell you guys why brahmins started cutting hair...there was a king janmeja who organised a big feast and invited all the brahmins and rishis. When kings wife was distributing food she did sum mistake and all the brahmins laughed at her.when king saw this he ordered his guards to kill brahmins right away..guards killed some of the brahmins but then kings own purohit stopped king by telling tht this is a very big sin...king asked purohit what other most horrible punishment could b for brahmins...purohit said cut their hair...they all had long unshorn hair. Its the time when there was rishi Vyaas ji too...its the time when kalyug started.


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