When gods approached Saraswati ji to change the mind of Manthara, she said one shlok (my grandmother told me long ago).

I don't remember what she said. If someone could tell me what the sloka was, as I couldn't find it on internet.

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Saraswati's intervention in changing the mind of Manthara does not find place in Valmiki's Ramayana. It is from Sri Tulasi Das's Ramacharita Manas.

As the sloka concerned could not be copied properly, I am providing a link to that sloka-3 below Doha-11 (page 379).

u°ca nivåsu nici karatµuti, dekhi na sakahiÚ paråi bibhµuti.

ågila kåju bicåri bahori, karihahiÚ cåha kusala kabi mori

The meaning of the sloka is as follows (Page 380).

She said to herself, "Though their abode is on high, their doings are mean; they cannot see others prosperity."

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