The following mrutyunjaya stotram claims to be by Markendeya rishi. There are multiple versions available on the Internet. Some have 18 Anushtup (4 padas of 8 aksharas in each verse). Others have 8 Anushtup shlokas and 8 verses of chandrashekharashtaka that appear to have 2 padas of 18 aksharas in each verse, but they don’t appear to be dhruti chanda. They all claim to be from markendeya purana, but I couldn’t locate any in the purana text here.

Does anyone know which adhyaya in which purana can one find mrtyunjaya stotram that praises Lord Shiva? i understand there is another stotram with Lord Vishnu as savior in Padmapurana also, but I am looking for the Lord Shiva version.

Thanks in advance!

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