I'm not really asking for the differences but I also believe that devotion as Lord Krishna mentions in Geeta is the best path for enlightnment.

I'm just curious if there is any relationship between the tantric principles/practises and devotion.

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    without bhakti there is not tantra, look at the life work of sri ramakrishna . He was a sakta tantrik. – souparno majumder Apr 5 at 18:30
  • so, the most profound tantriks are also bhaktas, but bhaktas may not be tantriks? – juztcode Apr 5 at 18:32
  • also look at the work of krishnanda agambagis, who said love bhakti and compassion is the greatest mantra – souparno majumder Apr 5 at 18:37
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    It seems that you are looking at tantrism as an engineered system ,disconnected. Tantrism can only been seen as an evolution of bhakti. They are just dependent on each other, everything starts in our heart , not in our mind. – Lucky Pashu May 8 at 1:26

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