Gautama Dharmasūtra

Chapter XXIII

1. They shall pour hot spirituous liquor into the mouth of a Brāhmaṇa who has drunk such liquor; he will be purified after death.

Who shall pour hot spirituous liquor into the mouth of the brāhmaṇa? The king or fellow brāhmaṇas?


As per scriptures, only King has right to punish anyone.

  1. Punishment (possesses) a very bright lustre, and is hard to be administered by men with unimproved minds; it strikes down the king who swerves from his duty, together with his relatives.

So in my opinion, it is reffering to King.

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  • So the king will personally pour hot liquor into the mouth of a brāhmaṇa? Or is he going to delegate it someone else? BTW, in this particular instance, Manu says it's a self-imposed punishment. So better to answer it citing Gautama Dharmasūtra itself. – sv. Apr 9 at 22:08

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