I have been watching Ramayana these days and the timeline of Ram's exile confuses me. (My knowledge for this question comes from the TV Serial, So please correct me If I am wrong)

As per my understanding, Sita was kidnapped by Rawan in the 13th year of their exile. That means they should be back to Ayodhya by the that year's no-moon of Katik month. (The day of Diwali).

But when Ram kills Vali and Sugreev was about to launch a search mission he said that as Monsoon time is here they should wait for 4 months and will begin the search when the month of Katik starts. That leaves only 15 days of their exile. Or am I wrong here and this indecent was actually a year earlier and they had 1 year left.

So exactly how much time was left from the day Sita was kidnapped?

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After bringing Sita to Lanka, Ravana gives her 1 year time limit for surrendering to him.

शृणु मैथिलि मत् वाक्यम् मासान् द्वादश भामिनि || ३-५६-२४ कालेन अनेन न अभ्येषि यदि माम् चारु हासिनि | ततः त्वाम् प्रातः आशा अर्थम् सूदाः छेत्स्यन्ति लेशशः || ३-५६-२५

"Oh, angry lady Maithili, listen to my words. A period of twelve months is given to you. And oh, smiley smiler, if you do not come nigh of me within that period, then the cooks will slice you to pieces for the purpose of a morning meal."

The Vanara army started their journey in Aswayuja (September - October) month.

दर्शयन्ति शरन् नद्यः पुलिनानि शनैः शनैः | नव संगम सव्रीडा जघनानि इव योषितः || ४-३०-५८

"The autumnal rivers are showing their dunes slowly and slowly, as with shying brides showing hips in their new trysts, slowly and slowly.

The vanara troop that went in Southern direction, lead by Angada, came back in Vasantha (February-March) month.

Sita says to Sri Hanuman that only 2 months were left out of the time limit given by Ravana.

द्वौ मासौ तेन मे कालो जीवित अनुग्रहः कृतः || ५-३३-३१ ऊर्ध्वम् द्वाभ्याम् तु मासाभ्याम् ततः त्यक्ष्यामि जीवितम् |

"A period of two months of survival-benefit has been given to me by him. For that reason, after the said two months, I shall give up my life."

As Sri Hanuman reached Lanka in Vasanta ritu, Sita might have been abducted in Chaitra month.

So 1 year might have elapsed from the day of her abduction to her regaining by Sri Rama.

After completion of the war, Sri Rama reached Ayodhya in Chaitra month (March - April).

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  • Sri Rama reached Ayodhya in Chaitra month (March - April). But we celebrate Deepawali in the month of Katik(October-November) as the day when Shri Ram came back to Ayodhya. Is it not so ??
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Sita was kidnapped in the second year of Exile and it took 12 Years for Rama to free Sita from Ravana.


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