Basically I need a love mantra directed at a single person. Does one exist? I tried looking for one but could never confirm if it was actually a love mantra.

  • oh brother, I wonder why you're asking this in public forums like these, you can't just chant the mantra and expect it to work, there has to be resonance in your spiritual self, your speech and your mental ability for any mantra to work. C'mon anyone could misuse a mantra if it was not so. But, I think people who can do that, .... wouldn't misuse it for meager things, since they are supposed to be spiritually aware – juztcode May 15 at 15:27

A charm about this is given in atharvaved.

  • Atharvaved 6:8

“1. Like as the creeper throws, her arms on every side around the tree, So hold you me in your embrace that you may be in love with me, my darling, never to depart. 2. As, when he mounts, the eagle strikes his pinions downward on the earth, So do I strike your spirit down that you may be in love with me, my darling, never to depart. 3. As round this heaven and earth, the sun, goes day by day, encircling them, So do I compass round your mind that you may be in love with me, my darling, never to depart.”

enter image description here

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  • How many times are you suppose to apply this? Can you use the English version or do you need to use the hindi version? When and where are you suppose to speak this mantra out loud? – Wikash_ Apr 15 at 13:27
  • 1
    @Wikash_ it is not a part of question. – Sanatan Darshan Apr 15 at 14:30
  • @Wikash_ I translated the verse in English. – Sanatan Darshan Apr 15 at 14:31
  • The truth is that there are no specifications for this which makes such an mantra impossible to apply. You never know whether it works, how many times you have to apply it and where and when to speak out loud. – Wikash_ Apr 16 at 7:28

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