Hanuman (on the way to Lanka while he was carrying Sanjivani) had told Bharat that Laxman was in great danger, Sita was kidnapped and Ram was at war with Ravan. Still Bharat and Shatruhgn didn't help Ram.Why?

  • i think this is duplicate of some Q but i couldn't find that..there are references that Bharata called many kings to Ayodhya but Rama returned before they could start from Ayodhya to help Rama..there was not much gap bw Hanumana met Bharata and Rama's return.. – YDS Apr 16 at 7:14
  • Bharata was Rama's servant. He wouldnt leave Ayodhya unprotected till Rama asked him to.

  • By the time he gathered army and went to Lanka, battle would be over.

  • Taking help from Ayodhya means Rama's oath would be broken as he would be using Ayodhya for his benefit.

I didnot find the part of Bharata and Hanuman meet in Valmiki Ramanaya. Which version of Ramayana is it?

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  • I saw this today on doordarshan Ramayana. Director has claimed that every part of this Ramayana is taken from Valmiki Ramayan or Tulsidas Ram Charitmanas or Kamb Ramayana. If not Bharat at least Shatrughna alone could have gone with Hanuman. Dashrath or Kaikai did not stop Laxman to go, so I think Shatrughn could have gone immediately with Hanuman. – Sachin Vishnoi Apr 16 at 13:36
  • Ram made it clear in the show only. He wouldnt use any property of Ayodhya – hindu Apr 16 at 14:04

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