Nowadays im practicising spiritual and it is very difficult to control the mind. we know that in ancient times there was no internet and no technology , so at that time people are easily control their own minds but in this modern era lots of disracted thing are everywhere , so its is very very difficult to control our minds

My question is that in this modern times , How many years will take to become a almost completely purely spiritual person ?

  • "Nowadays im practicising spiritual " how do you define this? Mala chanting? Reading scriptures? Listening to a pundit? Performing bhakti yoga? Following a guru? "so at that time people are easily control their own minds" what are ancient times? "completely purely spiritual person" what criteria do you have to conclude that someone is completely spiritual? – Wikash_ Apr 27 '20 at 21:08

The question put looks to be a little ambiguous. He seeks to know the period of time to become a spiritual entity. When I plan a journey of thousand miles over a fixed period of time I have to consider factors in mind which includes condition of car, competence of the driver, the much important traffic conditions particularly the road, as also unforeseen conditions..

Each and every chapter of Holy Geeta is a guide for a seeker for his ultimate upliftment. In the context of the present question from among the treasure trove I may like to quote the following slokas of Geeta

Ch 18 sloka - 13 Panchaitani Mahabaho karnani nibodh me. Sankhye kritante proktani sidhhye sarva karmanam!

14- Adhisthanam tatha karta karnam cha prithak vidham, vividhhasch prithak chesta Daivam chaivatra panchmam!! .

Sloka 15 & 16 are equally relevant. These in fact deal with the psychology and mechanism of pursuing the right path of action.

As regards to the period sloka 19 of ch 5 is a direct assurance. If the path is pursued accordingly, attainment is here and now only. One flash of light promptly removes the darkness of a cave which remained in darkness for hundreds of years.

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    You did not answer his question. Moreover you did not define what a spiritual entity is. I have also no idea what an "ultimate upliftment". What is an upliftment according to you? – Wikash_ Apr 28 '20 at 16:26
  • #wikash -- thanks for pointing out the relevant missing points. In nutshell a seeker for true knowledge is a spiritual person. The word Knowledge has been very clearly described in Geeta ch 18 sl 20 -the sum &substance is to see one in all and all in one., to perceive one single reality pulsating in all. In fact true knowledge stands for oneness, peace and harmony, love and happiness and the like. One who is in pursuit of knowledge is SPIRITUAL ENTITY. – Hare krishna Apr 29 '20 at 9:18
  • Let me continue. IGNORANCE means the vision of separateness ,Limitedness, infinite appearing as finite, and so.Separateness and limitedness engender desires. Desires end in despondency, conflict fear, anger, sorrow. Knowingly or unknowingly each of us tend to move from Ignorance to knowledge (each of us seeking happiness is the hint) but due to lack of proper means and right path we continue to suffer. In short conscious moving from ignorance to True Knowledge is the process of upliftment. Sarva bhutesu yen ekam bhavmavyaymeekshhte! Avibhaktam bivaktesu tat gyanam vidhi satvikam Hare Krisna – Hare krishna Apr 29 '20 at 10:05
  • "In nutshell a seeker for true knowledge is a spiritual person." True knowledge is evidence based. Spirituality ans a religion has no evidence. – Wikash_ Apr 29 '20 at 11:41
  • @Wikash_ It isn't the material evidence you are looking for which you can see with your eyes. True knowledge can't be grasped in this material space with material organs. – Pinakin Apr 29 '20 at 13:19

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