I have read at many places that Shanti parva and Anushasan parva were later added in the original mahabharata. Does that also make vishnu sahasranamam un-authentic?

I am sorry if there is any mistake in my question, I am new here and this is my first question.

  • In my opinion, such questions cannot be answered with any certainty. It is generally said by scholars that Shanti parva and Anushasana parva have lot of interpolations in them and virata parva is an interpolation. But if you look at language and style of Vishnu sahasranama, whether or not an interpolation, it appears to be one of the earliest sahasranamas. No long names, for example. So, is vishnu sahasranama an interpolation? No idea, but it seems to be pretty old.
    – user17987
    May 2, 2020 at 14:18
  • @idolworshipper Okay, thank you.
    – hichika
    May 2, 2020 at 17:06
  • @sv. Yes but not completely. But I guess there is no clear answer for this question. Thank you!
    – hichika
    May 2, 2020 at 17:07
  • The Critical Edition of Mahabharata does contain Shanti and Anushasana parvas and I don't think this Spitzer Manuscript was easily available when BORI was preparing the CE. Only if we could travel back in time could we really tell what was the original Mahabharata like. You can read more about the Spitzer Manuscript here. May 2, 2020 at 19:54


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