Why does Vishnu marry two wives since in Rama avatar, when the demoness asks him if he will marry her he says that he already has a wife?

  • what are you asking? Mother sita was his wife, that's what he told. – juztcode May 3 at 3:34
  • I think OP is asking why can't Sri Ram marry twice given that Lord Vishnu had two wives @juztcode – Carmen sandiego May 3 at 4:03
  • but isn't that also obvious, every avatar is different, lord ram doesn't kill chettris as well like lord parshuram – juztcode May 3 at 4:05
  • Because he is following vrat called as ekapatni vrat. If a person is doing the vrat, he cannot marry another lady. – hanugm May 3 at 4:44
  • 1
    How many cells in your body are Married to you? Vishnu is All Buddy...if you are everything then isn't it Ok to magnify a few cells of yours and beautify them and make them your wife? The cells not necessarily biological :-) The correct way to perceive Vishnu – Gopal Anantharaman May 4 at 3:20

Vishnu married two wives because he promised he would marry one of his wives in her previous births.

Also, when he marries them, it isn't a relationship of lust, it is bhakti(devotion). It says in this site:.

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