Why did Shravan face such a bad death? If he was so good to his parents, and overall as a son and a person, then why did he go through such pain? Did his previous janmas’ (births’) karma lead him to this situation?

  • Maybe he was some sort of collateral damage or a way to end up his parent's sufferings because they died right after they came to know about his death. – V.Aggarwal May 18 at 11:23

There is no information about his previous janams.According to the legend in Ramayana, while hunting in the forest of Ayodhya, then-Prince Dashratha heard a sound near a lake and unleashed an arrow, hoping to hit an animal. When he crossed the lake to collect his kill, he found that his arrow had fatally struck a teenage boy who was bleeding. The boy was Shravan.No doubt he is a good son to his parents.

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