I understand from vedic scriptures that God created the souls and gave free will in the spiritual world, but the souls denied God's love and become materialistic. So Inorder to teach the souls a lesson God created this temporary material world and trapped the souls here so that the souls can understand materialistic desire is impermanent and only God's love is pure and eternal.

My question is why God is forcing us to love only him and surrender to him?. Why the souls in spiritual world can't love other souls but should love only God?. Why God gave free will, but when the souls exercised the free will, God punished the souls?. Why the father is possessive of his children and why not let them be happy in the eternal spiritual world as everything even material things are eternal there?.

  • Well not every soul denied god's love. Souls could have a variey of reasons for leaving the spiritual world. God did not trap souls here. All souls in the material world voluntarily left the house of the iswar. – Wikash_ May 20 at 23:39
  • Its wrong to say that souls became materialistic,do you think an animal like dog or cat believe/love in God and can understand anything except in senses and obedience to their earthly master? hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/36035/… Now imagine a Father gives his children a toy or video game,a virtual reality to play for some time, but if a child wants to continue playing the game,is this the father's mistake?Material things are solidified ideas of God's intellect, which end with body's death,clinging is the cause of misery. – user20656 May 21 at 2:01
  • No, eternal material things like transcedental body to enjoy, power to create a planet with all sophisticated things etc etc are possible in the spiritual world. God created this temporary material world inorder to prove his love is significant than the material things. But material things can be permanent in spiritual world if the soul desires, but God doesn't want the souls to think that way but only to worship him and think about him. He does not want the souls to forget him because of their free will. – user19520 May 21 at 2:44
  • Does this answer your question: Why does God allow us to suffer? – Pandya May 22 at 7:27

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