Will us be blood related, as she is from my uncle's wife's side and I am from my uncle's side?

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    what is her gotra ? if same gotra, cannot marry. otherwise, it's allowed. still better to be not closely blood related, but as long as gotra is different, it is not prohibited.
    – mar
    May 25 '20 at 18:58

This particular answer can help you.

Manusmriti 3:5. A woman who is not of the six generations of the mother and of the father's gotra is recommended to twice-born men for wedlock and conjugal union.

If it was the cousin-brother, As your uncle already married in that family, that means your Gotra is different from her gotra, It should not be a problem.

If it was a cousin-sister, better to check the gotra again, should not be an issue in that case either.

I hope you understand this difference. Anyways, better to consult some pundit for this.

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