There is a story over internet and the story goes like this

When the time came for the departure of Rama, Yama says to Rama that he cannot able to come to earth because of the presence of Hanuman. Then Rama throws his ring somewhere and asks Hanuman to bring it back. While searching it, Hanuman realizes that time is cyclic in nature by watching many rings of Rama. In between Rama departures from Earth.

The story seems to be not authentic. But is there any Ramayana that contains a story similar to this?

  • This story is printed by many newspaper and other media, I still coudlnt find any source in padma purana yet. Jul 11 at 11:58

This story is printed by many newspaper and other media, I still couldn't find any source in Padma Purana yet.

Instead as per the sources given at this URL , the story of termination of Shree Rama Avatara in Padma Purana is different.

Taking a hint from Shri Rama, Vibishana, Sugriva, Jambavan, Hanuman, Neela, Nala, Sushena and Nishada Raja Guha arrived. Shatrughna performed the coronatation of his sons at Ayodhya. The rest of them said that they would not like to stay back on Earth in the abscence of Rama even for a moment. But Rama asked Vibhishana to continue in power at Lanka for long time and instructed Hanuman to continue on Earth forever to sustain the message of Shi Rama. The rest of them accompanied Shri Rama into the Sacred Sarayu River. Bharat, Shatrughna, and all the citizens of Ayodhya along with their wives, Mantris, Servants, Vedikas, Brahmanas, the nearby animals, birds, and all other Beings who accompanied Shri Rama never looked back. As Shri Rama went deep into the River, Lord Brahma, Devas, Rishis and all Celestial Beings extolled Raghunatha even as He took the Huge Form of Maha Vishnu with his four hands along with Bharata as Shankha, Shatrughna as Chakra, as also Gada with Sri Devi and Bhu Devi beside Him.

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