What are the ways to clear past life karmas with parents & other people? How to forgive people & accept them regardless of your suffering?

I'm wanting to know the tangible ways of working with my past life karmas. For example will this kind of imaginary remedy work? If I pray God to clear my past life karmas with specific people, will it work ? If so, please tell me the name of the Hindu God temples that I must visit ? If it’s possible, should I visit temples with those specific ppl or it’s ok if I can imagine them, ask for forgiveness, acceptance when praying?

  • Do u want to know whether thru ur own efforts can u erase past karmas or others? or ur question is not that?
    – Rickross
    Jun 25 '20 at 13:37
  • @Rickross, yes I want to know what kind of efforts do I need to put to clear karmas in this life; Aug 13 '20 at 16:14

Your question is very difficult , i will try to answer as i can.

First , it cannot be an unilateral vision, whatever happened . Karma is produced by everybody , everyday.

The bondage of an individual self consists in the limitation of its powers of knowledge and action. It is called “Svarupakhyati” because is due to the individual ignorance of the real nature of the self.This limitation necessarily involves desire. It is the root of all actions or Karmas and is called Karmamala.

According to the teachings of the Upanishads , the three functions of the Brahman are called creation, preservation and destruction.(Sristi,Sthiti,Samhara) In the Trika system and the Agamic one , there are two other stages called Tirodhana and Anugraha which are obscuration and grace.

It is spoken of as Karma because it is the primary cause of all kinds of its associations and experiences.It is the self-arrogation of the individual which is responsible for the attachment of merit and demerit.

Self-arrogation is thus the soil without which the seed of Karma cannot grow.

Karma is not associated with the body but with the limited self and therefore it is not destroyed with the destruction of the body.The state of Karma when it is about to assert itself it is called maturity or Phalonmukhata . The usability of Karma in the latter state can be destroyed by counter action such charity, austerity penance and knowledge if they be done long before the stage of Phalonmukhata.

Destruction of Karma is one of the most essential condition of the liberated soul , but not the only one : according to the Trika system can be acquired by Shiva’s Grace when the pashu , the human, realizes his oneness with the Universal Self.

If Karma of others afflicts us , wrong decisions of parents of others apparently destroy our life, our decisions, it is the real moment when we need to get the fruits of our past devotion , the moment when we can satisfy our self with Rudra , understanding that this life is not the ultimate reality and we will never be truly free without Moksha, the real knowledge of the self, Shiva.


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