Upon reading the insightful answer What is the meaning of the word Shiva I was both enlightened as well as perplexed.

In the answers, various references to different texts give different meanings to this word. For example one answers says the word means auspicious, pure ( this is also mentioned in Wikipedia ) but the answer says that one who does not exist, other answers depict other, more divine meanings.
I saw one of Sadhguru's video yesterday, he says the literal meaning of Shiva is that which is not and calls him Adiyogi, what reference or text he is commenting from, or this is own interpretation of the word?
I am not a linguist but if Shiva is a Vedic Sanskrit word, then it should have a specific meaning, interpretations with different context is another matter, then why there seems to be much confusion regarding its literal meaning?

PS: I am in no way capable or even want to criticize different texts at all, I just want to understand the differences with the actual meaning of the word.

  • There is a specific meaning to any Sanskrit word. Shi is 'stillness', va is 'brimming forth'. – BasedShaiva Jun 18 '20 at 15:26

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