This video from a movie where he explains that baby head and elephant body was joined to form a God called Hanesha, is this story true?

Video Link regarding God Hanesha from a movie

enter image description here

Is this story true or fake, if true is there any proof regarding this in shiva Purana like the actor mentions in this video?

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    It's a fake story! – TheLittleNaruto Jun 19 at 6:45
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    There is no scriptural reference. How one is supposed to answer your question? Could you help? – TheLittleNaruto Jun 22 at 3:24
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    This is definitely fake as the body of an elephant cannot physically be compatible with a baby head. – Wikash_ Jun 22 at 7:26
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    Also @VectorMatrices it is not true simply because Movies aren't real. – The Preserver Jun 23 at 4:12
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    "technically a elephant head isn't compatible with a human body" both statements are true hence Ganesh cannot be possible. – Wikash_ Jun 23 at 8:15

There is no scripture that explains the fact that a baby's head has been joined to create a god called Hanesha. This movie, called the "Director's Special", according to different websites and the about of the move, it is a comedy - drama. So the intent of the director was to try and make a joke. So we probably should not over analyze this.

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    You need to put a citation; please cite evidence. – 10 Rep Jun 25 at 0:47

I agree with @TheLittleNaruto that it is a fake story because that video is some movie movies are not real all the time. This movie is not very true, considering nothing in the scene that is here is true. Everything about this movie, even a search on the IMDB will tell you that this movie is a comedy, making the movie not true.

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