Are there any Mantra, Stotra that can be chanted by kid, for Protection of Father and Mother..

Kid requesting God to protect his mother, father, family members

Chanted by one family member for protection of others in family


rāma nāma narakēsarī kanakakasipu kalikāla. jāpaka jana prahalāda jimi pālihi dali surasāla.

The Name of Rāma is, as it were, the Lord manifested as a man-lion and the age of Kali, the demon Hiranyakashipu. Crushing this enemy of gods, the Name will protect the devotees repeating It, even as the Man-lion protected Prahlāda. (Ramcharitmanas 1/27)

bhāyaom kubhāyaom anakha ālasahūom. nāma japata maṃgala disi dasahūom.

The Name repeated either with good or evil intention, in an angry mood or even while yawning, bestows blessedness in all the ten directions. (Ramcharitmanas 1/28)

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