Is every soul bound to be liberated eventually? Does the timing depend on the soul, or divine intervention?

  • Destionation of every Jiva is to return to source. How long depends on each jeeva which is based on minds desires and satisifcation of worldly life. – Parabrahman Jyoti Jul 5 at 6:25
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    To my knowledge there is no specific achievement for the souls stated anywhere in the Hindu scripture which all the souls are supposed to attain. As far as I know there is no statement anywhere in the scripture which says something like "Everyone will become enlightened and will get liberated, ie get moksha eventually". Enlightenment and ultimately moksha may happen or may not happen to the soul. It's not that it must happen for everyone. It will happen to the soul who deserves it, that's for sure. – brahma jijnasa Jul 5 at 12:57
  • Basic thing I don't get about the concept is, if there is liberation that broth /death cycle is broken, but then why was there any birth death to begin with, if the goal is just to break free from it,.. But then if the soul is not liberated, does it just go through birth death through eternity? – Matko Jul 6 at 9:23
  • If a soul doesn't get enlightened he will never get moksha and thus he will continue with samsara, ie repeated births and deaths forever, until he gets enlightened and liberated. Samsara, ie repeated births and deaths happen to the soul because of his ignorance. When ignorance is removed and enlightenment is achieved, a soul gets liberated, ie gets moksha and there is no more samsara for that soul. – brahma jijnasa Jul 7 at 21:23

No, its not the destiny it is the necessity of every soul. Without knowing who we are or the self before death arrives is like living a dream. And in a dream we never know we are in a dream first, and where we will wake up after the dream second.

Calling enlightenment destiny creates an illusionary thought, that it will happen automatically, eventually since its a destiny, destiny means it will happen for sure. But it is not like that, to attain enlightenment one has to seek it, practice it.

every human has two options, to live the life with nature like any other animals do OR to rise above the nature, this possibility is true for humans only. So, its not a matter of time its a matter of doing it.

After enlightenment you will know, you are in a dream, and where will you wake up, what else is needed in this life? You know everything then.

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