As to burn is the dharma of the fire, the dharma of a being is to be of it's own nature.

If dharma is 'the execution of' laws of nature, why is sanatana dharma not applied out of India?

According to vedas, sanatana dharma have sets of instructions to be followed by particular person.


dharma is to 
support and 
follow the laws of nature,

sanatana dharma seems to support animal sacrifices(though not at mass scale or by limit in quantity), self defence (at many costs), and is not universal with dharma.

Also vaidic dharma is not supposed to be studied by non-vaidic people.

Is dharma only meant for humans?

What is the definition of 'dharma', and is it different from 'sanatana dharma'?

Is sanatana dharma partial towards non-vaidic people?

Does nature support it?


Dharma is to obey nature laws and follow it. Dharma means to do good things. Why hinduism called sanatan because we don't know how old our scriptures are . we know that brahma told vedas and texts of vedas are always true in any age or yugas and that's why it called sanatan.

Those who follows texts of vedas are veidic and other are non-veidic who doing wrong things. But It doesn't means sanatan dharma support animal sacrifice. Vedas always tell all have souls either human or animal and we have to live togather. But there is Karma also exist which is depend on human. Vedas just told us to how we have to live as good human being but our karma finalize our end.

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