mAnasika pUja is lauded & bheema is given as an example. If so, what stops one who is lying down in sleep at 4am everyday, instead of getting up, just continue lying down and then do in his mind mAnasika sandhyAvandanam and be done with it?

  • The pharma will also be like that maybe will get golden chest I dream
    – Prasanna R
    Jul 23, 2020 at 19:15
  • if you want mAnasika phalan, sure :). Instead of getting real wealth/fame/whatever as reward, you can get a dream of wealth/fame/whatever as reward for manasika tapas
    – ram
    Jul 23, 2020 at 21:56
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    Manasa Puja is widely found in Tantras. In fact, before an external Puja, Manasa Puja is ought to be done. But In the Smritis, I have never found anything like "Manasik Sandhyavandanam" @VijaySharma
    – Rickross
    Jul 24, 2020 at 6:42
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    mAnasika sandhyAvandanam might have been practiced by advanced practitioners. Further, it might be applicable in the case of people, who are temporarily down with diseases or who are in advanced age and can't do physically. Beginner should not resort to such practices as they may result in sleep instead of practice:-) Jul 26, 2020 at 1:39
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    @VijaySharma: I have posted my answer. Good question. Jul 26, 2020 at 14:08

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I have listened to the answer in the Video by Sri Mylavarapu Srinivasa Rao, a renowned pravachan karta, in Telugu speaking areas.

Yes, he did explain about mAnasika sandhyAvandanam.

He explained the following issues:

  • In the olden days, people used to do sandhyAvandanam, without the paraphernalia, viz., photo of Gayatri mata, flowers, etc, while they are moving.

  • They used to do Achamanam and after keeping the Gayatri mata figure in mind, start doing Gayatri mantra japa.

  • we can do all pre-requisites, viz., sankalpa, Achamanam, etc, mentally, and start doing japa.

  • mAnasika sandhyAvandanam is far better than physical sandhyavandanam, which requires the paraphernalia

The above mAnasika sandhyAvandanam has scriptual reference also.

Sage Viswamitra wakes up Sri Rama and Lakshmana during twilight period, and advises them to attend sandhyavandam.

कौसल्या सुप्रजा राम पूर्वा संध्या प्रवर्तते | उत्तिष्ठ नरशार्दूल कर्तव्यं दैवमाह्निकम् || १-२३-२

"Fortunate is Kausalya to beget you as her son Rama... get up oh, tigerly-man, eastern aurora is emerging, daytime tasks towards gods are to be performed."

They are not carrying any paraphernalia, viz., photo of Gayatri mata, flowers, etc, as they were moving.

Sri Rama performed sandhyavanam mentally.

तस्यर्षेः परमोदारं वचः श्रुत्वा नरोत्तमौ | स्नात्वा कृतोदकौ वीरौ जेपतुः परमं जपम् || १-२३-३

On hearing the benign words of the sage those valorous and best ones among men got up, bathed, and on offering water oblation they meditated upon the supreme hymn, namely Gayatri.

A word of caution:

It is not advisable to do mAnasika sandhyAvandanam by the beginners, not in literal sense but in terms of advancement in doing japa, as it may not be done properly.


So I found this video in which a Telugu pravachan karta is answering a question and telling viewers HOW to do mAnasika sandhyAvandan:


I obtained a translation of the gist of what he is saying in this video - that yes, you can do mAnasika sandhyAvandan (he doesn't mention doing it lying down in sleep obviously). But it looks like it can be done. And this gentleman is a revered veda educated brahmin from Telugu community.

If anyone here speaks Telugu, then I request them to fully translate into english what he is saying and post it here for benefit of us all in Stack Exchange community.

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