Is this a mantra by which Lord Hanuman can be seen?
Mantra-कालतंतु कारेचरन्ति एनर मरिष्णु, निर्मुक्तेर कालेत्वम अमरिष्णु।।

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    Are you seeking references from scriptures? – Just_Do_It Jul 24 '20 at 20:44
  • I just want to know if the above mantra and it's purpose is correct or not. I got this mantra from internet and there is a interesting story associated with it. – Ram Jul 24 '20 at 23:21
  • Usually after mantra siddhi the deity gives darshan to the aspirant. If it is this easy then it becomes hard to believe isn't it? @Ram – Rickross Jul 25 '20 at 6:11
  • @Rickross:yes it is very difficult to believe- conditions of the mantra are- Lord Hanuman had suggested that it would only work when the person who chants it is aware of his/her soul's relationship with Him. He had also announced that within 980 meters from the place where this mantra is chanted, there should not be any human being who does not meet the first condition. Otherwise, the mantra won't work. – Ram Jul 25 '20 at 7:07
  • Ok now it makes sense .. these requirements make the procedure difficult to accomplish @Ram – Rickross Jul 25 '20 at 9:02

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