from sabha parva - "a hundred kings of the name of Dhritarashtra, eighty kings of the name of Janamejaya; a hundred monarchs called Brahmadatta, and a hundred kings of the name of Iri; more than two hundred Bhishmas, and also a hundred Bhimas; a hundred Prativindhyas, a hundred Nagas, and a hundred Palasas, and a hundred called Kasa and Kusa; that king of kings Santanu, and thy father Pandu"

How can that be possible . I have heard the story about lord hanuman going to patala-lok and seeing the mountain of rings of lord Rama depicting the many Rama births and how many times they have had done this play of rings . IS it similar here, are these dhritrashtra and bhimas of different kalpa.

The chapter mentions Kirtivirya arjuna ( sahastra bahu ) as well, wouldn't he already turn into sudarshan if his avatar was over


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