Padma purana 89-90a

“O you descendant of Raghu, O you good one, you have done this mission of the gods. O Rāma of a great vow, take (i.e. choose) whichever boon you like. By your deed this śūdra has physically gone to heaven

While valmiki ramayana says

"Thou hast protected the interests of the Gods, O Highly Intelligent Prince, now ask a boon, O Beloved Offspring of Raghu, Destroyer of Thy Foes. By thy grace, this Shudra will not be able to attain heaven!”

Hence the question: Did shambuka attain heaven?

  • This does not answer your question but there is a scholarly view that the Shambuka story is interpolated, like Sitaji’s exile. If you read the Padma Purana Patala khanda, you will see that Sitaji and Ramji perform Ashwamedha together and the same Padma Purana in its Srishti Khanda talks about Sitaji being exiled to the forest. These are of the same Ramayana there is no Kalpa bheda. – Archit Aug 1 at 10:30

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