Consider the following story about Kubja(Trivakra), whose previous life is Surpanakha, from the scripture Garga Samhita.

Shri Bahulashva said: What severe austerities did the maidservant Kubja perform in her previous birth that she so pleased Lord Krishna, whom even the gods cannot attain?

Gazing at Lord Rama in Pancavati forest, a demonness name Shurpanakha fell passionately in love with Him. Seeing that Lord Rama had vowed to accept only one wife, and had not fallen in love with her, Ravana's sister Shurpanakha angrily ran to devour Sita-devi. At this Lord Rama's younger brother Lakshmana became angry and with a sharp-edged sword quickly cut away her ears and nose. Her nose cut away, she went to Lanka and told Ravana what had happened. Then, unhappy at heart, she went to Pushkara-tirtha. Wishing to get Lord Rama as her husband, for ten thousand years Shurpanakha stayed underwater and meditated on Lord Shiva. Pleased by this, Lord Shiva, who is the master of the gods and the husband of Uma, came to Pushkara-tirtha and said, "Ask for a boon."

Shurpanakha said: You are the great master of the gods. You are dear to the great saints. You have the power to give all benedictions. Please grant me that Shri Rama will become my husband. Lord Shiva said: O demonness, please listen. At the present time your boon cannot be granted. In the future, at the end of Dvapara-yuga, in Mathura City, it will be granted to you. Of this there is no doubt. Shri Narada said: O noble-hearted one, in Mathura City the demonness Shurpanakha, who could assume any form at will, became the girl named Kubja.

[1-10, Chapter 11: The Stories of Kubja and Kuvalayapida, Canto 5, Garga Samhita]

This story says that Surpanaka asks Siva for a boon of Rama becoming her husband. But Siva says in response that it will happen in next Dwapara yuga. Thus, it implies that Khubja is a wife of Lord Krishna.

The words they translated as husband boldify above are varam, varah.

Slokha 6:

tapash cakre shurpanakha varshanam ayutam jale dhyayanti try-ambakam devam shri-ramam varam icchati

Slokha 8:

shurpanakhovaca shri-ramo me varo bhuyad varam dehi satam priyah tvam deva-deva paramah sarvasam ashisham prabhuh

But since I don't know Sanskrit. I am suspecting that translation may be not correct. Did Surpanaka really asked Siva for boon of Rama as her husband? Or is she asking for something else from Rama?

  • According to this story: bhagavatam-katha.com/… (don't know the actual verse it's from) Rāma incarnates many times. She probably marries Rāma (specifically Rāma) in his next birth (maybe she is long-lived enough to live until the next Tretāyuga). – Aupakarana Abhibhaa Oct 16 at 0:02
  • Technically, it could be a previous Rāma as well. – Aupakarana Abhibhaa Oct 16 at 0:08
  • @AupakaranaAbhibhaa No, there are many other verses denying your arguments. – hanugm Oct 16 at 0:36
  • How could a verse denying my idea even exist, without explicitly describing who Khubja is married to? Verses could not possibly describe the uncountable forms of Rāma to account for them all. – Aupakarana Abhibhaa Oct 16 at 0:51
  • @AupakaranaAbhibhaa Do you mean Rama born again in Mathura, who is not Krishna? – hanugm Oct 16 at 2:37

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