Sun is a star nearer to us.

I heard that Vedas do mention that there are multiple stars in the universe. But don't know the name of Veda and other details.

Which Veda mentions that there are multiple number of stars (suns) in this universe?


Rig Veda X.88.18 speaks about many suns.

कत्यग्नयः कति सूर्यासः कत्युषासः कत्यु सविदापः | नोपस्पिजं वः पितरो वदामि पर्छामि वः कवयोविद्मने कम ||

“How many fires are there and how many suns? How many dawns, and how many waters? O forefathers, I am not saying something two-faced to you: o poets, I am asking you in order to know.

Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton in their translation say as follows:

The last three verses (17–19) seem to provide a simultaneous transition from the cosmic and primordial elements in the superimposed structures to the present-day everyday—by way of a dialogue between two unnamed participants.

The rishi is Mūrdhanvant Āṅgirasa or Vāmadevya.

He was addressing both pitris (forefathers) as well as other sages (poets) in the mantra. So we can infer that the sage Mūrdhanvant Āṅgirasa or Vāmadevya was asking this question, while pondering over the issue.

Like Nāsadīya Sūkta this mantra is posing questions, without answers.

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