Is there any practice, mantra/stotra in Hinduism to Increase Memory.

I want to read about Smriti-Sakti, Jnana-Sakti, Buddhi Sakti, Kalpana Sakti, Pratibha Sakti...

Im trying to collect everything in Hinduism, which would help a Student, by far I have got Mantras only like(Saraswati, Prajnya Stotra)... I want to read if Hinduism has anything about, Memory, Working Memory, Imagination, Comprehension, Intelligence..etc..

Hinduism is pretty huge, and when I search online I cant get useful result..For that I need specific terms/ concept names, Which concept should I search for, if I want to learn things in Hinduism related to Memory, Intelligence, Brain Working, Cognition, Problem Solving..

If anyone have their research collection please share it, recently came across

Vidyastra - Indra kratum na aa bhara pitaa putrebhyo yathaa
  • @Panibotal No it doesnt..
    – HinduKid
    Aug 2, 2020 at 2:08


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