In this answer of this question - Why is Surya referred to as Martanda?, it was described about Mārtāṇḍa, as follows:

The Voice said:

O sage, since this foetus of Aditi was pronounced slain by you, this son of yours will come to be called Martanda. 41-42. He will slay Asuras, the enemies who took away shares from sacrifices.

The etymology of Martanda means born of Mrita Anda means born of dead foetus.

Recetnly, I heard a video talk (Telugu) of Courtallam Peetham Peetadhipathi Sri Siddheswarananda Bharati Swamy. The swamy said in his speech that Mārtāṇḍa means ONE who can revive dead cells and thus HE is savitṛ-.

Does any scripture mention this angle?

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